We’ll I couldn’t let this pass by without posting a little tid-bit but today this site is up and running for 5 years. It has been running much longer then anticipated. While I still enjoy running the site I’m finding less time available to spend on maintaining the documentation. Mostly because other stuff is creeping up on my. Having a child growing up, currently 5 years, that requires attention and getting other non-computer related hobby’s do that to you. Since last year I’ve joined a Barbershop Choir with fills me with tremendous energy, I never knew singing could be this much fun.

I will try my utmost to keep everything up to date as much as possible as I know many of you use the information provided and there are still new people joining in. Currently I’m current with all the software but my WordPress installation is way behind and I desperately need to upgrade and I need to do something about the forums which have bee disabled because the spam was getting beyond managing manually.

Everybody: Thanks for all the support, that was and is the main thing I keep running this site.