If you are dependent on any of the stuff that is documented here then please wait while I upgrade and test all the instructions for Mountain Lion. I will update this post regularly with my progress. Currently I’m upgrading my main desktop to see if this will affect the running setup. After that I will install a clean Mountain Lion machine for documenting the start from scratch.

First discovery after the upgrade is that all you config files in /etc are gone, so are our startup scripts in /System/Library/LaunchDeamons. This means that the config for Apache, php and MySQL are missing.

Got MySQL running by replacing the startup script. Apache ran again after restoring /etc/httpd from a backup but PHP needed recompiling.

Before upgrading make sure you make a copy of the file InstallESD.dmg from the Mountain Lion installer package. How to find it, read this. This because you need to get an optional installer package if you want to use GD. Mount the disk image and install the file from Packages called X11redirect.pkg

The MAMP stack is now done, tested and documented. Not many changes…

Mail part is now also documented!