Just a small post today as today I got a popup from iCal showing me that it has been 6 years since I started this site (moving from the earlier switch.richard5.net, which is even older). It’s been a great journey this far with interesting people who I’ve “met” online, some great reactions, donations for which I’m all very grateful.

There is however a but. Regular visitors will have noticed that I’m not posting every update anymore and skip versions. As challenging and exciting as it was in the beginning it is becoming more and more repetitive and there are a lot of other challenging and exciting things which I want to explore. Personal time has gotten into the mix as well, my daughter is growing up beautifully and requires more of my attention, and getting older means time is moving faster then it used to do.

So apologies but this trend will continue and will get worse, posts will be irregular. But if you have a desperate question and need some advice you will know how to contact me. I will still answer your questions when they are relevant to the purpose of this site. But I won’t go into any new avenues, don’t ask me how to install a git server for example.