The information on this site represents what we have done ourself on our own Mac’s. The documentation is the result of a lot of Googling and late night experiments with our Macs. We are no expert on any off the stuff you find here. We just write down our findings that made it work for us.

We do learn some of the stuff by doing it all ourself and by helping out others in solving the problems they encounter with installing the software. We try to write down why some choices where made and why and try to explain possible alternatives. We don’t want you to expect that we have all the answers, but we try to find a workable solution for people who run into problems.

If you have a question or a problem, please use the forum for that. It is a better places for discussions than comments on a blogpost. If you find an error in the documentation you’re free to leave a comment.

DIYMacServer is also on Twitter, if you follow us you will get to see what we are doing for research, the problems we are solving ad get insant updates.

By the way we all do this next to our regular day job, it is a hobby. If you like what you found and it was really useful to you we would appreciate it if you would donate a small amount to cover the expenses for hosting the site.

Who we are:

  • Richard the guy who started it all
  • Drew joined in to help out

All the documents are free to use, under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Which means you can use the work, copy it, change it as long as you mention or link to my website or name my name in your work. Legal stuff here.

Comments that are no longer relevant to the section that they were posted will be deleted. This as the documentation will change and the comment might refer to errors or different instructions that are no longer there. Spam and offensive comments will be deleted as well!