Dovecot updated to 2.1.9

Again an update from Timo, he is doing great work for Dovecot. Continuously improving, adding features and solving problems and bugs. The most important changes since v2.1.8 are:

  • mail-log plugin: Log mailbox names with UTF-8 everywhere (instead of mUTF-7 in some places and UTF-8 in other places)
  • director: Changed director_username_hash setting’s default from %u to %Lu (= lowercase usernames). This doesn’t break any existing installations, but might fix some of them.
  • doveadm: Added “auth cache flush []” command.
  • Implemented dict passdb/userdb
  • Implemented Redis and memcached dict backends, which can be used as auth backends. Redis can also be used as dict-quota backend.
  • Added plugin { quota_ignore_save_errors=yes } setting to allow saving a mail when quota lookup fails with temporary failure.
  • Full text search indexing might have failed for some messages, always causing indexer-worker process to run out of memory.
  • fts-lucene: Fixed handling SEARCH HEADER FROM/TO/SUBJECT/CC/BCC when the header wasn’t lowercased.
  • fts-squat: Fixed crash when searching a virtual mailbox.
  • pop3: Fixed assert crash when doing UIDL on empty mailbox on some setups.
  • auth: GSSAPI RFC compliancy and error handling fixes.
  • Various fixes related to handling shared namespaces

And here are the upgrade instructions for Dovecot!

Dovecot updated to 2.1.8

Last week there was another update on Dovecot, it took me some time to test it due to the holiday season. I’ve checked it and I can tell you that it works now on all my servers without a problem! The biggest change here was the check on mUTF-7 for mailbox names which had been missing but had gone mostly unnoticed. Other fixes include:

  • pop3c: Added pop3c_master_user setting.
  • imap: Mailbox names were accidentally sent as UTF-8 instead of mUTF-7 in previous v2.1.x releases for STATUS, MYRIGHTS and GETQUOTAROOT commands.
  • lmtp proxy: Don’t timeout connections too early when mail has a lot of RCPT TOs.
  • director: Don’t crash if the director is working alone.
  • shared mailboxes: Avoid doing “@domain” userdb lookups.
  • doveadm: Fixed crash with proxying some commands.
  • fts-squat: Fixed handling multiple SEARCH parameters.
  • imapc: Fixed a crash when message had more than 8 keywords.
  • imapc: Don’t crash on APPEND/COPY if server doesn’t support UIDPLUS.

And here are the upgrade instructions for Dovecot!

Dovecot updated to 2.1.7

Another small update from Timo on Dovecot. Errors solved include:

  • LDAP: Compatibility fix for v2.0: ldap: If attributes contain ldapAttr=key=template%$ and ldapAttr doesn’t exist, skip the key instead of using “template” value with empty %$ part for the key.
  • pop3: Added pop3_uidl_duplicates setting for changing the behavior for duplicate UIDLs.
  • director: Added “doveadm director ring remove” command.
  • director: Don’t crash with quickly disconnecting incoming director connections.
  • mdbox: If mail was originally saved to non-INBOX, and namespace prefix is non-empty, don’t assert-crash when rebuilding indexes.
  • sdbox: Don’t use more fds than necessary when copying mails.
  • auth: Fixed crash with DIGEST-MD5 when attempting to do master user login without master passdbs.
  • Several fixes to mail_shared_explicit_inbox=no
  • imapc: Use imapc_list_prefix also for listing subscriptions.

And here are the upgrade instructions for Dovecot!

Dovecot updated to 2.1.6

Timo released a new version of Dovecot, I’ve installed it on my test servers and production server without a problem. No security issues solved, upgrade at your own leisure. The noticeable changes are:

  • Session ID is now included by default in auth and login process log lines. It can be added to mail processes also by adding %{session} to mail_log_prefix.
  • Added ssl_require_crl setting, which specifies if CRL check must be successful when verifying client certificates.
  • Added mail_shared_explicit_inbox setting to specify if a shared INBOX should be accessible as “shared/$user” or “shared/$user/INBOX”.
  • v2.1.5: Using “~/” as mail_location or elsewhere failed to actually expand it to home directory.
  • dbox: Fixed potential assert-crash when reading dbox files.
  • trash plugin: Fixed behavior when quota is already over limit.
  • mail_log plugin: Logging “copy” event didn’t work.
  • Proxying to backend server with SSL: Verifying server certificate
    name always failed, because it was compared to an IP address.

And here are the upgrade instructions for Dovecot!

Dovecot updated to 2.1.5

First my apologies, due to the other priorities I completely missed the 2.1.4 release. Hopefully you didn’t run into any problems. I’ve tested and deployed 2.1.5 on my servers today without a problem. The list of fixes for 2.1.5 include:

  • IMAP: When neither the session nor the mailbox has modseq tracking enabled, return the mailbox as having NOMODSEQ in SELECT/EXAMINE reply. Old versions in this situation always simply returned HIGHESTMODSEQ as 1, which could have broken some clients.
  • dict file: Added optional fcntl/flock locking (default is dotlock)
  • fts-solr: doveadm fts rescan now resets indexes, which allows reindexing mails. (This isn’t a full rescan implementation like fts-lucene has.)
  • doveadm expunge: Added -d parameter to delete mailbox if it’s empty after expunging.
  • IMAP: Several fixes related to mailbox listing in some configs
  • director: A lot of fixes and performance improvements
  • v2.1.4 didn’t work without a mail home directory set
  • mbox: Deleting a mailbox didn’t delete its index files.
  • pop3c: TOP command was sent incorrectly
  • trash plugin didn’t work properly
  • LMTP: Don’t add a duplicate Return-Path: header when proxying.
  • listescape: Don’t unescape namespace prefixes.

And here are the upgrade instructions for Dovecot!

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