Mac OS X Security Update 2009-005

This update is only for Leopard and Tiger users (Snow Leopard is not affected). I have not tested this on Tiger as I have no longer a machine with Tiger installed but I’ve tested the Leopard based update and that went without a problem. My production server and two of my test servers received the update and installed it without any problem.

Read more about the security update here.

n case of doubt, please make a full bootable disk image backup with Carbon Copy Cloner before you start. There are some people having reported problems with previous update so better be safe then sorry!

Short notice

I know a lot of you are awaiting news on Snow Leopard! The early release has put me into a tight spot as I’m on holiday now (I’m typing this in an internet cafe paying a ridiculus rate per hour). Snow Leopard is lying in my mailbox at home and I didn’t bring any Mac with me. So bear with me untill the next weekend when I’ll be back home and will post updates.

Postfix has released a new version 2.6.5 as well. Usually they are installable without problems so feel free to update and I will test is soon!

Sorry about this!

Compiling 64 bits on a PowerPC on Leopard

Recently I got some remarks from a user who asked why he was not able to compile 64 bits on the PowerPC platform. My notes and instructions did not mention this and I must confess that I had forgotten this as I could not see a PowerMac or iMac G5 as your basic mailserver.

But I’m wrong, as my basic goal was to provide you with a complete mailserver solution, I have to acknowledge that the most polular pages are on installing Apache, PHP and third MySQL. The popularity of the mailserver instructions comes way lower then these three subjects.

So therefore I’ve updated all the 64 bit instructions with how to compile on a 64 bit PowerPC platform. You have to forgive me for not being able to test this (no G5 at my place!) I’m using the input of someone else who told me this. It was a very simple change as you only need to change the ‘x86_64‘ bit into ‘ppc64‘ and that’s it.

If someone else could verify that this works it would be grand!

New mailserver setup with Dovecot

As promised earlier, now Dovecot 1.2.0 is released, I’m officialy launching the new mailserver setup with Postfix and Dovecot (Currently Leopard only).

This means no more Courier based products like the authentication, IMAP, POP3 and maildrop apps. Dovecto can do all that with a single installation. I’ve found out that the setup is a lot simpler with a lot fewer procedures and configuration files to maintain.

An last but not in the least, it looks like Dovecot is proving to be an even better IMAP server than Courier was. As I told you in the earlier post it’s a lot faster. While testing it myself I often saw new email appear in Mail or Thunderbird immidiate after thy were received by Dovecot.

Currently the setup only describes the basic setup of a server, I still need to add the DSpam spam-filter in the setup and integrate server based filtering of incoming emails (where we used to use maildrop for). It is all possible but I still need to find out how and document it for you. When that is done I will write the neccesary migration documents how existing users can migrate safely from Courier to Dovecot.

I will keep supporting the Courier product stack for at least a year after I finished documenting the migration instructions. So don’t worry if you don’t switch immediatly. My production servers still run Courier, I only use Dovecot on my test servers. Although there is one user who has already switched to Dovecot (We helped each other in getting this done) because of the performance problems he experienced with Courier IMAP. These problems are now gone and this is one of the reasons I want to move to Dovecot a.s.a.p.

The advise currently is if you want to setup a new server: Use the Dovecot based setup. If you already use Courier please wait untill the migration instructions are finished. If you can’t wait I will try to assist you via email as much as I can but you will be mostly on your own. It’s not that difficult but ou need to know what you are doing.

I hope you like the switch and will be happy with the improved setup. You can read all about it at the new mailserver instruction pages

XCode 3.1.3 released

Just to inform you all as I missed it myself. Apple have released a new version of XCode. It’s not mandatory to upgrade but I will do it myself and all instructions etc. will be based on this version although I don’t expect any issues if you keep using the previous version.

You can download it from developer.apple.com. If you don’t have an account yet, just register. It’s free if you just want to download XCode and the related information.

What’s new in XCode 3.1.3:

  • SDK support for targeting non-Mac OS X platforms, including iPhone OS SDK.
  • GCC 4.2 & LLVM GCC 4.2 optional compilers for use with Mac OS X 10.5 SDK
  • Updated assistants to create new projects, targets, and source ?les
  • Toolbar uses a single popup to choose platform, target, and debug/release
  • Integrated SCM support now works with Subversion 1.5

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