The mail server on Lion

Whilst upgrading my production server, the one you’re getting these pages served by, to Lion and reinstalling all the programs on it I’ve also found time to write everything down for you to use when you upgrade to Lion. We already had the MAMP stuff teated and documented but now all the mail server components have been tested and written.


So enjoy your new installation of Lion with these instructions.

In the coming week I will move all my stuff to the new Mini, hopefully without too much interruptions in our service.

Finally solved SQLGrey and KeepAlive problem

You could call it brainwave or an enlightened moment after SQLGrey died on my server again. Which I usually notice after not having received any mail for a day. After trying so many times to get this thing solved properly I finally got it. I can really feel stupid now that I know the solution was so simple.

I just had to remove the ‘-d’ option from the startup command line. This option is used to start SQLGrey in daemon mode. SQLGrey will spawn a new process which will be kept running and the process which you started will end. This was the reason when I first tried to use KeepAlive that launchd would try to start a new SQLGrey process every 10 seconds because the orinal process had ended.

This now works on Leopard, still need to test this on Tiger. I’m currently rebuilding Tiger on my old G4 mini who’s harddisk had died. Currently using an external firewire drive as I still need to buy a new internal disk. The G4 is still needed as it is my only PowerPC based Mac and I swant to test everything on Tiger or Leopard on this CPU as I know many of you still use an old PowerPC based Mac to run as a server.

The instructions have been updated to reflect the new found knowledge. Sorry this took so long to find out.