2 further problems while running httpd 2.4.1

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started at 02 Apr 2012 by aurora72
  • aurora72
    02 Apr 2012

    The httpd 2.4.1 now finally runs as process, run by


    however, when I browse to the homepage, it constantly gives 500 internal server error

    I've checked with the httpd.conf and ./extra/httpd-vhosts.conf files and I even modified them to be the same as the conf files taken from my other server on which httpd-2.2.x runs.

    httpd 2.4.1 still gives 500 internal server error.

    Could I be missing something very obvious, I don't know.

    And the 2nd problem is:

    launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.diymacserver.apache2.plist

    doesn't work. (i.e. the httpd process keeps on running)

    I have to run /usr/local/apache2/bin/apachectl stop to make httpd process stop.

    Could that be related to the 1st problem, perhaps?

  • aurora72
    02 Apr 2012


    I've given up trying to make httpd 2.4.1 work properly.

    It still refuses to serve page. It got stuck on 500 internal server error and I can't get past it.

    Returning back to httpd 2.2.x

  • Richard
    02 Apr 2012

    I'm sorry to hear this. What you could try is to remove your original configuration files and start anew with a fresh config file. I've had similar problems and this was my way out of them.

  • aurora72
    02 Apr 2012

    Thank you for the comment. Well I've spent almost 6 hours trying to ged rid of that 500 error, and had no luck.

    When the config file is fresh, I have to modify it anyway because httpd 2.4.1's got issues with many .so modules and I'm not counting several other modifications needed.

    After I "make cleaned", I've installed http 2.2.22 on the very same Mac mini, and it instantly worked, without needing any single modification.

    Making http 2.4.1 work is beyond me. Given up. It took my 6 precious hours.


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