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started at 14 Jan 2014 by aurora72
  • aurora72
    14 Jan 2014

    I've just compiled pure-ftpd (1.0.33) using

    ./configure --with-pam --with-puredb

    on my Lion Mac mini and it (pure-ftpd) works fine but I can't access it

    because of the authentication problem.

    /usr/local/bin/pure-pw useradd root -u 0 -g 0 /private/var/root

    doesn't work, it tells me to provide non-root uid and gid.

    But I want the ftp server to provide a root access. On my Leopard Mac mini, I had compiled the same (pure-ftpd-1.0.33) program 2 years ago and on it the pure-ftpd accepts the root userç (i.e. when I login the directory listed is /private/var/root and I do rwx rights to every folder)
    On the pure-ftpd installation folder I noticed this line in config.log Invocation command line: $ ./configure --with-pam so it's got only PAM but seemingly no virtual user authentication support.

    The last thing I want to note is that the password I enter for pure-ftpd's root is different than the password for the OS's root.

    How can I enable a working root access on my Lion Mac mini?
    Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks.

  • aurora72
    19 Feb 2014

    I found the solution.

    1- In Lion the PAM scheme is a bit different than Leopad, the /etc/pam.d/pure-ftpd file in particular. as a quick fix, you have to:

    # cp /etc/pam.d/ftpd /etc/pam.d/pure-ftpd

    i.e. you copy the Lions' default ftpd PAM scheme to pure-ftpd. It works.

    2- For Lion, you have to install pure-ftpd-1.0.36, not 1.0.33 otherwise it hangs while trying to login to pure-ftpd.

    3- Lastly, you have to set a password for the user you want to use. In my case I set for root (don't worry the pure-ftpd is not open to Internet I use it solely inside LAN for development)

    # passwd root (enter any password)

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