cPanel on Mac OS (even on PowerPC)

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started at 27 Jan 2012 by aurora72
  • aurora72
    27 Jan 2012


    I'm about to sell my Mac mini G4 (ie with the PowerPC processor) to friend. On that Mac mini, I have installed

    PHP Version 5.4.0RC5-dev
    MySQL 5.1.40
    Apache 2.2.21

    successfully, and many popular PHP apss run pefrectly on this machine.

    But, the friend ahs asked if the cPanel can be installed and run on it.
    Surely, there are many Web Management software like WebMin and other but he is accustomed to cPanel, and naturally asks for cPanel.

    I've tried the "How to install cPanel/WHM on a fresh installation of Linux - WHM Setup Tutorials) at but of course it asks for CentOS or similar Linux based OS.

    I was wondering how possible it is to install cPanel on Mac, PowerPC or Intel?


  • Richard
    30 Jan 2012

    I know it is possible, but I haven't tried it myself. You can compile the cpanel software on the mac. The difficulty lies in configuring Apache properly to be able to execute the commands with the correct privileges.

    There are however alternatives that run on a Mac like:

    (for more alternatives look here:

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