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started at 25 Sep 2006 by no1tmorrow
  • no1tmorrow
    25 Sep 2006
    Well Please try to not laugh too hard from my lack of knowledge in this area. Also don't know what my real problem is so I can't say I am in the correct forum.

    How do I know if Courier is working? IE I can telnet into my Map using
    telnet domainname 143 and it says "Courier Imap ready".

    I can send an email to and it doesn't get rejected but it sends it to my gmail account (I don't know I must have set this up as the admin address or something during my 6 hour install, 3 times).

    I can set up an account imap and check messages in thunderbird at work. I get "unable to open this mailbox"

    So basically I don't know what is working and what isn't and where to start the trouble shooting.

    Hope this makes some since to someone....

  • Richard
    25 Sep 2006
    The imap problem is related to your roundcube problem, no directory with mail in it. Look at that post for an answer.

    For the sending problem can you post the output of the command:

    postconf -n

    It shows the configuration of your mailserver

    Also if possible post the part of /var/log/mail.log where the actual error occurs of the sending.
  • no1tmorrow
    25 Sep 2006
    best_mx_transport =
    broken_sasl_auth_clients = yes
    command_directory = /usr/sbin
    config_directory = /etc/postfix
    daemon_directory = /usr/libexec/postfix
    debug_peer_level = 2
    disable_vrfy_command = yes
    html_directory = /Library/WebServer/Documents/PostfixDocs
    mail_owner = postfix
    mailq_path = /usr/bin/mailq
    manpage_directory = /usr/local/man
    myhostname =
    myorigin = $mydomain
    newaliases_path = /usr/bin/newaliases
    queue_directory = /private/var/spool/postfix
    readme_directory = no
    relayhost =
    sample_directory = /etc/postfix
    sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail
    setgid_group = postdrop
    smtpd_data_restrictions = reject_unauth_pipelining
    smtpd_delay_reject = yes
    smtpd_etrn_restrictions = reject
    smtpd_helo_required = yes
    smtpd_helo_restrictions = permit_mynetworks, warn_if_reject,
    reject_non_fqdn_hostname, reject_invalid_hostname, permit
    smtpd_recipient_restrictions = reject_unauth_pipelining,
    reject_non_fqdn_recipient, reject_unknown_recipient_domain,
    permit_mynetworks, permit_sasl_authenticated,
    reject_unauth_destination, warn_if_reject, reject_non_fqdn_hostname,
    reject_non_fqdn_sender, reject_invalid_hostname, reject_rbl_client, reject_rbl_client, reject_rbl_client, permit
    smtpd_sasl_auth_enable = yes
    smtpd_sasl_local_domain = $myhostname
    smtpd_sasl_security_options = noanonymous
    unknown_local_recipient_reject_code = 550
    virtual_alias_maps = mysql:/etc/postfix/
    virtual_gid_maps = static:27
    virtual_mailbox_base = /usr/local/virtual/
    virtual_mailbox_domains = mysql:/etc/postfix/
    virtual_mailbox_limit = 51200000
    virtual_mailbox_maps = mysql:/etc/postfix/
    virtual_minimum_uid = 27
    virtual_transport = virtual
    virtual_uid_maps = static:27
  • Richard
    25 Sep 2006
    Thom forgot to uncomment:

    MYSQL_MAILDIR_FIELD     maildir

    in /usr/local/etc/authlib/authmysqlrc

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