DSpam configuration

started at 27 Aug 2011 by Michael
  • Michael
    27 Aug 2011

    I've managed to configure and install DSpam, but it's not working correctly.

    I'm getting "postfix/qmgr warning: connect to transport private/dspam: No such file or directory"

    when I run the periodic script train.sh, I get "Unable to find a valid signature. Aborting." and "process_message returned error -5. dropping message."

    I'm not sure what I've done wrong. I've reverted, but we'd like to use dspam (or other anti-spam software on our server.

    The (coreduo mini) system is running Leopard.

  • Richard
    29 Aug 2011

    Micheal, it looks like your mail is not fed into Dspam therefore no signature is added and all fails. I think you have to look into the connection between postfix and dspam there lies the error. It could be configuration or a permission problem.

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