Roundcube 0.4.2 and .htaccess

started at 22 Nov 2010 by Michael
  • Michael
    22 Nov 2010

    I installed the latest roundcube (which doesn't seem to have many feature advantages over 3.1) and I immediately ran into 500 errors. I followed your instructions to load a clean copy and move my symlink after it was all working.

    It turned out the httpd_error_log was full of errors from .htaccess with directives that weren't allowed.

    [Mon Nov 22 01:33:09 2010] [alert] [client] /data/ AddType not allowed here, referer:

    Right now I have renamed the .htaccess to old.htaccess to keep it from being used. Is there a way to get it working? Is it necessary?


  • Richard
    25 Nov 2010

    I don't know Michael, I'll have a look and will get back to you...

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