Will my existing setup work after upgrade to Lion?

started at 18 Aug 2011 by Lindhardsen
  • Lindhardsen
    18 Aug 2011

    Maybe this has already been answered on your blog, but if so, I'm not smart enough to read the answer... So here is a direct question ;-)

    I do have a server running set up according to the guidelines on this site.

    Will my mail server continue to work after I upgrade to Lion, or will I have to reinstall reconfigure something, for this to work?
    How about the Apache?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Richard
    19 Aug 2011

    Jan, when you upgrade most of the programs have been removed or replaced. What I've done after the upgrade to Lion is to recompile everything on the new platform with the new Xcode to reap all the benefits of the upgrade.

    The mail stays in the same location so the upgrade won't remove or delete any of the existing stuff.

    I've also relocated everything into /usr/local/ so that we don't get bothered anymore by security updates or upgrades.

    If you have any more questions let me know.

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