Apache logoTo install Apache on Mac OS X there are several possibilities. Several people and organisations like Server Logistics and Marc Liyanage provide a binary installation packages. But as stated before I don’t like the dependancy on others to update their package quickly when there might be a security issue or a problem. It also provides the possibility to tweak the configuration to ones own use.

The compilation and installation of Apache is relatively simple. Download the latest source from www.apache.org, and with a few statements you can compile and install it.

Before you start you might want to turn of the default Apache installation that might be running on your Mac. To make sure open System Preferences and open the Sharing Preference pane and to stop Apache uncheck “Personal Web Sharing”.

The documentation set on Apache covers several topics, if you feel something is missing please let me know so we can add it to the set.

Please note the difference in the documentation regarding the different versions of Mac OS X. If you are not sure if your machine is capable of 64 bits mode open a Terminal session type in “httpd -V” and the output will tell you.


Snow Leopard:


Tiger (no longer supported):

For both: