A mail server is a complex system of loosely coupled applications who, when properly configured, work their magic to deliver your email in your inbox or to it’s intended destination. it’s not like a database or a webserver a single application, most functions have a different application, developed by a different group of developers. For every function there are even multiple applications to choose from. The application stack I’ve choosen does it’s work pretty well and some of the applications are popular choices. My selection looks like:

  • Postfix, the SMTP engine
  • Courier IMAP/POP3, for looking into your inbox
  • Courier Auth, to authenticate against the mailserver
  • Postfix admin, user and domain administration
  • DSpam, spam filter
  • Maildrop, inbox filtering

You can start with a simple setup using just Postfix, Courier Auth and Courier IMAP/POP3 and then add the rest step by step as you grow more comfortable using the mailserver.

You can follow the setup pretty easy, just follow the commands that are described and the configurations listed. You will end up with a secure mail server that is not an open relay for spammers and can’t be abused. If you however want to change some settings or deviate from the setup or things might go wrong (which doesn’t happen a lot) please ask questions in the forum ! Because you might end up with a big problem if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.

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