Next step is configuring the IMAP part of our mail server. I prefer IMAP over POP3 because it will enable me to easy setup an web based mail service for users who don’t have access to their personal e-mail client, another benefit is that you can use any computer with a mail client to access all your mail. A downside to this solution is that all the users mail will be located on my server, my Mac mini came with a 80 Gb harddisk and that is very sufficient for the amount of users I have currently, but it is also very easy to add a USB or Firewire drive to your Mac mini and then storage space is no issue.

The configuration files for Courier IMAP daemons are located in ‘/usr/local/etc/‘ and the file to edit at this step is ‘imapd‘ as we have chosen to locate the mailboxes in a different location. Change the last line in the file from:




If you want to offer POP3 to your users you will need to edit the ‘pop3d‘ file in the same location and make the same changes as for the ‘imapd‘ file.

Next step: Starting your basic mailserver