First a small note, we are not replacing the SASL that is included in the system by Apple. We are just providing the right include files and libraries that we need later on. You’ll need to get the source code from Carnegie Mellon off their FTP server, get cyrus-sasl-2.1.22.tar.gz from their server. Get this version and not a later one, I haven’t got the later versions to compile properly on my machine and didn’t have the time to check why. Perhaps later when I got some more spare time I’ll check why.

Before we start building SASL, you need to check to see if ‘/usr/include/pam‘ has been symlinked to ‘/usr/include/security‘ and if not, symlink it using this command line:

sudo ln -s /usr/include/pam /usr/include/security

Unpack the source code and use the terminal, go to the directory in which you unpacked the source and issue the following commands as a normal user:

For Intel
CFLAGS="-arch i386" \

For PowerPC
CFLAGS="-arch ppc" \

Continue with:


And then install with command:

sudo make install

Cyrus SASL is installed in ‘/usr/local/lib/sasl2‘ by default, and wants to by symlinked to ‘/usr/lib/sasl2‘. We are going to use Apple’s libraries instead of the Cyrus distribution, so ignore the symlink request. The last step we need to do here is:

sudo cp /usr/lib/sasl2/disabled/* /usr/lib/sasl2

This enables a couple of useful plug-ins that Apple had turned off and we will need later on.

Next step: Building the Postfix mailserver