This mail-server setup is based on Postfix from Wietse Venema and the Dovecot IMAP server. Parts of this mail-server are already included in the standard installation of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, like postfix and dovecot, but it lacks some important features. For instance, if you want to receive mail from more than one user on different (virtual) domains.

To do that you need some more extensions and added features to de-couple the Postfix user management from the OS X user management, add some virtual domain handling, enable the users to send the mail securely over SSL and don’t open the server for abuse. To be able to do this you need to compile our own version Postfix with support for MySQL (user management), dovecot SASL (authentication), TLS (SSL) and use Dovecot IMAP (virtual mailboxes) or use POP3 to have people download the messages from their mailbox.

With this setup you can provide email services for friends and family with their own domains and email addresses and without to give them a user account on your machine.

Make sure that you know which architecture to use (32 bits vs 64 bits) before you start compiling.