Upgrading Roundcube can be done in more than one way. Just install a new version in a separate directory and change the symbolic link or follow the upgrade instructions as noted in the included UPGRADE text file in the tar archive distribution.

As you might notice I like the former one. Not only because it is simpeler, it is also better as it will interfere the least with other users using your platform. Therefore I would advise you to follow the install instructions, but notice the following differences:

  • Don’t change the symbolic link untill your finished and are absolutely sure it all works.
  • Install it by using the url http://hostname/roundcubemail-0.x.etc/installer (so you don’t interfere the current active version)
  • Test it using http://hostname/roundcubemail-0.x.etc/ and login to see if everything works and try to send an email.
  • Remove the original roundcube symbolic link and create the new one. All is done!